By the Time I Get to Arizona…

They done lost their damn minds in Arizona! First it took nine years and a tourist boycott for them to observe the federal holiday of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, but now they are destroying the very definition of civil rights with their new immigration law that is essentially racial profiling. The new law that was signed into the books last Friday and takes effect in August allows for law enforcement officials rundown on anyone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant and ask them to produce papers proving legal status in the country.

I have my personal opinions about illegal immigrants, but allowing police Gestapo like authority challenges the very liberties upon which this country was founded, principled, and has stood upon for the last 234 years. Then again, it isn't like the past 234 years have been model when it comes to race relations, but that's another story.
President Obama says this legislation threatens "to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and our communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe." Can you imagine the tension running through that state as citizens have to be on pins and needles, but those here illegally must be beside themselves with fear of being detained? What exactly does someone look like that you suspect to be in the country illegally? It's open season on Hispanics in Arizona, because they are considered the largest violators of our immigration laws.

But what about those born, educated and employed on United States soil? How do you differentiate them from someone that found a soft spot at the border? What is the message that we're sending to them and their children? It was less than two years ago that Republicans courted the Hispanic population for their support in the Presidential election, now Arizona's republicans have put them in their crosshairs under the guise of reform. A tourist boycott got them to get their minds right last time, it's gonna take action by major corporations and tourist to bring about change this go around. By hitting the state of Arizona in the pocket for violating the civil liberties of people, will send the message that we aren't standing for this type of racial profiling in 2010.

The time has come for President Obama and his band of merry men (and women) to put their heads together and work on immigration reform that's comprehensive, but inclusive of the rights of citizens, because a lot of you Black folks look mixed and I would hate to find out that my homie Will was sitting in a detainee camp somewhere because he left his wallet in El Segundo!

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