A Hard Day’s Night

It's never cool when you wake up and Friday looks the way it does today, overcast, gloomy, like a Tuesday. It's absolutely the worst when the day before was so beautiful and you were began it in a great mood, but watched every plan you had unravel before your eyes and the day went on and on and on and on and the next thing you know you've logged what became a nearly 12 hour day. Add in the fact that there's nothing on TV on Thursday nights anymore and we're waiting for the NBA Playoffs to begin and you have the recipe for a restless night.

I put together maybe three hours of continuous sleep last night, then clock-watched until about 5:30 this morning before starting my daily routine, needless to say I'm exhausted already. It's nights like last that make you wonder if what's on your mind is really having an effect on how you sleep and have you trying to pray it off at 3:49am, then you wonder if God is sleeping, because you're watching Informericials due to the fact there's nothing on HBO but soft porn.

I've grown envious of those of you that sleep through the night and wonder what my life would be like if I could do the same, careless whispers into the ears of the sleeping giants, but I can only wonder what if? So, while you're working today, I guess I'll treat myself to the movies to see Death at a Funeral. Even exchange for a good night's sleep while you're working…

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