The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I thought Barack the Magic Negro slayed the dragon known as Sarah Palin? How many lives does this chick have? Every time I turn around she's there! She's like the ABC news, everywhere, on the news, her show on FoxNews, in the papers, in my dreams, just popping up like Lil' Wayne. Now she's on tour with the Tea Party and trashing President Obama all the way to D.C. where they plan a rally for more of her hate speech.

Barack has to feel like she is his crazy ex-girlfriend, because she has turned into a stalker, and she just keeps ramping up her speeches to call the President un-American, a liar and other words she doesn't know the meaning of. So, the stimulus plans, health care reform and the pending war on financial institutions is ruffling the feathers of the segment of the population that has benefited for nearly every piece of legislation over the previous terms and now they've started to realize that there are more Americans than them and they are outraged!

President Obama has handled it all in stride, keeping his business-first attitude, but here's where some of that South Side Chicago needs to come out of him. At the end of every speech he should tell Sarah Palin to shut the hell up and sit her dumb ass down! I know he can't do it, but it would be nice to hear it, so I'll do it, Sarah Palin, shut the hell up and sit your dumb ass down! Go back to Alaska and look at Russia from your backyard!

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