Larry King Live!

So Larry King has some Tiger Woods in him huh?

For years, the famous and infamous have sat across Larry King and submitted themselves to his grilling and confessed or lied about their deeds. His wife for 13 years filed for divorce amid claims that King cheated on her with her younger sister. His soon-to-be-ex is 50, so her "younger" sister is what, 47, 48? Either way, she's too young for a 76-year-old man on his 8th marriage to 7 different women.

I know he's lived a long life and all, but how did he find 7 women that he thought he wanted to spend forever with? I'm having a hard time finding someone I would like to spend a weekend with! So, when public figures are in the middle of a scandal they go to his show, does he interview himself or will he be sitting on Oprah's couch the day after John Edwards' bust-it baby leaves?

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