Every Day is Christmas, Every Night is New Year's Eve

I want to thank Talib Kweli for being late to a concert and providing the space needed for you to stand next to me. I want thank Stevie Wonder for providing the soundtrack to our first date. Then you disappeared…and reappeared (Houdini would be very proud). I also want to thank God for sending you through those hospital doors after I prayed for him to deliver me from the pain. I want to thank you for loving me.

Nearly eleven months to the day that my life changed and here we are. There’s been a few twists and turns, a dip here and there, but here we stand. I wouldn’t trade not one day that you’ve spent in my life, because each day has brought us to where we are now, loving one another. As a matter of fact, I wish that I could fall in love with you again. In time, you’ve become my best friend and my woman, my reason and my inspiration, my beginning and my end, but in between, you have simply been you. You prayed for me when I needed to find my way back, prayed with me on my journey and now you pray with me as I’ve arrived at my destination. I owe you forever and I plan to repay you.

You looked beyond who I was and even past who I am, towards who I can be, and that inspired me to make a greater effort to put bad habits to rest. You are the woman I stood in front of a group of people last year and said would come into my life and I would love like God designed you exclusively for me. They looked at me like I was strange, but take a look at me now. I knew you were coming, I spoke it into existence, so I’ll try it again: I’m going to marry you and we’ll travel the world enjoying life together and you’ll never have a need or want more than a glass of water before bed.

I prayed for God to remove the physical pain as I was being wheeled into surgery, but there was emotional and spiritual pain that I needed removed as well and he did that, in the form of you. I’ve rebuilt relationships, come to grips with the pain I’ve caused others, forgiven myself and others and ended up with the gift of love and life at the end of the process. So I’ve made up ground on my dreams and left my fingerprints all over reality all with a smile on my face, something folks haven’t been used to seeing.

With you, every day is Christmas and each night is New Year’s Eve, we celebrate one another everyday and a calendar is not needed to tell me when or why to show how much I appreciate you. However, this morning I wanted you to know that you mean EVERYTHING to me and I’ll spend every waking minute and sleepless night illustrating that to you until you get the picture. Even though my sleepless nights are no more. My insomnia is gone, because I rest assured with the thought that you are right next to me and I think I can enjoy this life forever. Forever, you know, like until the day that you are me and I am you…now ain’t that loving you?!?

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