A View from the Couch

We knew our romance couldn’t last forever, though it ended far sooner than you or I ever expected, it has ended. I think back on how supportive you’ve been over the years and I get a little choked up. The days and nights I spent ensnared in your embrace, the comfort you provided, the way I rest assured in your bosom. It’s not easy to forget all of the days you were there to nurse me back to health, get me through those sleepless nights and all of the magic you held. Boy, if you decided to share some of the secrets you’ve held…
Someone once said that all good things come to an end and it proves true when it comes to you and I. Because I proved to be no better than I used to be when I cast you aside like common trash and laid you amongst the likes of broken promises and shattered memories. But I’ve moved on, to a place that I had to go alone and leave you in my wake. So, rather than see you in the arms of another man, I walked away, looking at you waving in my rearview mirror until you disappeared.
Yes, you’re gone, but the memories remain. The smiles you caused, those days I would steal away to lay with you. The tears you wiped away on the nights I’ve seen some of my greatest pain. The joys you participated in as I made some of my greatest triumphs. Yes, you were there through it all, encouraging me to chase dreams, park myself and move words or just sit to watch movies until the words moved me. It was you that allowed me to see the world and document it as only I could.

Farewell old friend…

Rest in Peace
The Couch

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