This World of Mine...

All of the yuletide cheer is done and I know you're not celebrating Kwanzaa, but I'm on vacation, celebrating life this week. So, I decided to do The World According to Teef Year in Review to share with you some of my favorites and judging by the comments, reactions, retweets and conversations, some of your favorites.

2010 was a year of balance for me; I’ve had my share of health issues, but gotten healthier. I’ve grown as a man, grown professionally, took a few shots with my writing, but my house was broken into. I’ve moved on and moved out, talked about love, fallen in love, been disappointed in America, opened a Bachelor’s Archive, flashed back to the 80’s, continued my vendetta against Tyler Perry and damn near had to take it to the streets a few times.

Not to mention that I celebrated my 500th post this year, but also posted nearly 500 times this year. I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished this year and exicited at what 2011 holds. So, as I recharge, watch the snow fall upon hearing of Teena Marie's death and spend quality time with the lady in my life…check out The World According to Teef’s 2010 Year in Review...see you next year!

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