The 2010 Year in Review: That's Good for My Ego

I fancy myself a social documentarian, meaning that I feel it’s a responsibility of mine to observe our culture, interpret, and share those observations through amusing anecdotes woven with beautiful ignorance and delivered to you as only I can. There’s a phenomenon spreading like H1N1 that threatens to destroy society as we know it from the inside out, so I feel it’s my duty to share with you about this plague that is running rampant and may claim you as a victim.

I’m talking about megalomania (definition), believing that you are far more important than you actually are. I’ve never claimed to be the most modest of fellows, but I truly understand my value in the lives of those I connect with, but never overstate that value. There are people running around that take themselves far too serious and subsequently put off a miserable disposition, that becomes blog fodder for me and others.

We’ve made it to 2010, it’s really time we define what makes a “hater”? I always interpreted the term to mean those that didn’t have the ability, talent, resources or wherewithal to achieve what others have, so they consistently tried to chip away at these folks in an effort to build themselves up. Some folks have really gotten the game twisted! “Rapper” Kid Cudi was infected recently when he took to a stage and ranted about all of these “haters” that are trying to destroy him. Maybe it’s some behind-the-scenes stuff, but I don’t recall hearing any dis records about Cudi on Hot97 or seeing any YouTube videos about him. Cudi, are you smoking sherm? Who are these haters?

People throw the term around so loosely that it’s almost impossible to identify real hater these days. Facebook statuses are the #1 M.O. for megalomaniacs. Just take a little time today and read the status of the 35-year-old that drives the $75,000 car, but lies to women about why he lives with his mom, how long is it gonna take for that condo to be ready? Or the 30-ish female with two kids that has the mental makeup of a teenager that constantly complains about her no-good baby fathers that happen to be locked up right now. Girl, you laid down with both of them! Or, the 19-year-old that failed out of college, with a boyfriend that had a baby by another girl and you’re still with him. People aren’t calling you stupid because they hate, folks are trying to give you a reality check!

We are all pieces to a puzzle in this thing called life, some larger, some smaller, each more complex, but none more important than the next. Let’s be clear, my introduction was pure hyperbole, I never walk the streets thinking it’s all about me, even though deep in my heart, it really can be…

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