The 2010 Year in Review: The Grudge

It just seems like it's about that time for me to go on another Tyler Perry rant, especially with the success that he had at the NAACP Image Awards Friday night. "House of Payne" pretty much swept the comedy category, but wasn't that kind of like choosing for the lesser of two evils, isn't "Meet the Browns" the only other Black sitcom on TV? It's like having a two-headed coin. The Spanish dude won for his role in "I Can Do Bad All BY Myself" and "Precious" also had a great night winning multiple awards, showcasing the lack of diversity in the NAACP's imagination and further stressing the lack of diversity on Hollywood. Delroy Lindo won an award for an appearance on "Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit", one appearance, isn't Ice-T on the show every week?

Tyler Perry receiving the Chairman's Award for his philanthropy really cemented his legacy as the poster child for Negro America and his subtle jab at Spike Lee during his acceptance speech didn't sit with well with me of course. With the hundreds of millions he's made off of Negros nationwide, the least he can do is drop a few pennies from heaven for some poor folk, even Nino Brown spent that hard-earned crack money on turkeys for Harlem! Question, how relevant is the NAACP?

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