Westside Connection

I'm out here enjoying this California sunshine, getting ready to see my little cousin for the first time in a few years and trying to make arrangements to hang out with my uncle while staring out of my hotel window at a majestic view of mountains. I take the sight in, breathe deeply and I'm at peace.

This is the kind of peace that people search for and long to live within, there's a peaceful pace to the place, but I don't want any parts of it past Saturday. There's something about being on the West Coast that makes me feel like I'm behind the rest of the world. I can't quite pinpoint it, but watching "Good Morning America" on a three-hour delay doesn't help. I guess that's just the Jersey Boy in me, but something about life happening in real-time makes me feel as if I'm moving forward every second of the day. Not to mention my penchant for pink Polo shirts takes on a totally different meaning in the Bay Area.

Plus, the games start too early living here. I know I took half days to enjoy the first round of the NCAA tournament, but imagine having to shut down at 3:30pm on a consistent basis because the TNT is running an NBA doubleheader or leaving work three days in a row because the Yankees and Red Sox have a three-game series and first pitch is at 7:05pm each game. I guess growing up in California, I wouldn't worry much about a Yankee/Red Sox series, but what's baseball without the Yankees and Sox?

The homie Will reminded me that I definitely couldn't deal with the music, but I'm struggling with listening to the radio back home, wouldn't be much of a stretch here. There is one thing that keeps me in Jersey though. I was thumbing through the guest services binder in my room and came to the "Emergency Services" tab when I got to, "In case of an earthquake". I can deal with a few feet of snow, extreme cold, heat advisories, torrential downpours, but the ground moving? Nah, not the kid, I like to keep my feet planted on solid ground...literally and figuratively.

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