Go Play Somewhere, I’m Busy!

I don't understand some folks. You've gone your way, I've gone mine. He's gone his and she's gone hers. Paths have not crossed since I was legally able to buy Alize, but your unhappiness allows you to open wide and place your foot squarely in your mouth. If you haven't noticed, the world has shrunk since you failed Geometry, so you really have to be careful who you're talking to.

Like You, you're at work bumping your gums about my homie's marriage and you don't know his wife, haven't known him since Lil' Kim was flat-chested and have no understanding of the joy she's brought to his life. He's a God-fearing man now, so he won't acknowledge your trifling ass, but I live for this type of stuff. The same way Marvin heard it through the grapevine, things travel and next thing you know, you're a question in a text message. Some folks have traveled beyond the boundaries that constrain you and have met people in places your mind couldn't travel, so you might want to be careful who you gossip about over the top of your cubicle, because those words may come back to bite your hating ass. By the way, don't you have your own marriage to worry about?

While I'm at it, to homeboy that keeps requesting me as a friend on Facebook because I'm friends with your wife, let it go playa. What she and I had was years ago and if you're uncomfortable with our Facebook reunion…tough! We were good friends that tried our hand at teenage love and failed, you've met, married and impregnated the woman, no need to go digging through her past, just work on the future the two of you have together. I'll give you that advice for free, next time it'll cost you.

And to the young woman that can't take a hint, please believe everything you say makes its way to me, regardless of me wanting it to or not, but I know that's your plan. I've given you no response 'til now and I know that's pissed you off more, so you ramped your attacks up and even questioned my sexuality. I guess feeding a man liquor for hours, getting bucky naked for him, only to have him refuse your advances would make you think that. I guess it never crossed your mind that I'm just not into you, but here it is I'm just not into you! As far as me being homosexual, you don't believe that and I don't think your boyfriend does either, since he's been going through your phone reading those messages you've been sending for the last six months.

So many folks would rather talk about the lives of others than live their own. I don't get it, are you that bored, is your life that sad that you have to gossip or try to insinuate yourself in someone else's life to find purpose? Try this, pick up a book or something, collect stamps, go to the gym, do something with yourself instead of annoying me, I'm busy!

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