Back II Life...Back II Reality

My Saturday thing this week, simply enough, consists of heading home. It doesn't seem as if it's a difficult task, but traveling is a monster in and of itself, but since 9/11 has become the stuff horror legends are made of. I beat the Sun up this morning to pack and prepare for myself for the hassle of the day as I try to make my way back East to where things make sense, at least to me.

It's been a great week in California, great weather, relaxation, a chance to see family and an escape from the hustle and bustle of life, but that's all come to a screeching halt, as I'm boarding a return fight to reality. It's not as if things are so horrible in my life that I need an escape, I just needed a breath of fresh air, which I got and now I'm ready to go back at it full throttle until the time comes for me to catch my breath again. Let's just hope this time it doesn't call for surgery or antibiotics.

So... I'll see you when I touch two feet on the ground, refreshed, recharged, but the same ol' Teef.

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