Memoirs of an Insomniac: The Jet Lag Edition

12 hours later and I am just getting settled in. This has been one lonnnng day! The clock says 12:38, but my body (my body!) is telling me it's 3:38, but I can't sleep. We had smooth sailing all the way through to San Jose and a great time in transit, but the funniest moment of the day saved itself for the end. After arriving at the girl's hotel, I told the cab driver, that I needed to check them in and then head to the Hilton. Dude looked me up and down and said, "It's not far, you can walk".

Too tired to entertain that, I got them squared away and took a look down the counter to see Memphis Bleek. He looked just as tired as me, we exchanged nods and kept it moving. Had I been thinking, I would've requested an interview, that could've gone a long way, when was the last time someone requested an interview with Bleek? Turns out Jay-Z is here in concert tomorrow night, wonder if the college will reimburse me for that expense?

As tired as I should be, I'm not, I've been in three time zones for chunks of the day, so I'm scouring the news and the net to catch up on the goings on in the world.

• So, Joe Biden went Ron Burgandy and said health care is a big F'n deal and folks are debating if it was appropriate. Appropriate or not, he was right, health care for all Americans is a big F'n deal, regardless of if Stephen Baldwin thinks so or not.

• I caught a blurb of Baldwin calling President Obama "a liar" and I immediately thought that we have to be careful of who we let talk about things. I mean, a b-list Baldwin brother, former addict cum religious zealot is qualified to talk politics, who does he think he is, me?

• Prosecutors are recommended that Gibert Arenas get three months in the joint as part of his plea agreement for gun possession. Turns out Gilbert tried to get Javaris Crittendon to cover for him; $80 million would make me tamper with a witness too!

• The Georgia Bureau of Investigation cancelled their request for Ben Rothlisberger's DNA, not sure what to think about that, I'll keep an eye on the rapist though.

Guess I'll try to get some sleep now...

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