I Left My Mojo in My Favorite Suit

It's just one of those days, a few days of rain has that effect on me, it tends make me yearn for my couch. It is days like these when productivity seems impossible, though it's necessary, difficult it will be. A "Hump Day" like today will really question the love you have for your gig, if you have any. Somewhere, someone woke up and really wondered why they were going to work, a quick peek at the calendar reminded them that the bills were due tomorrow and off to shower it was.

Some people enjoy their job, others merely endure them. I'm a person that actually enjoys waking up, going to work and the work I do, but I'm forced to endure the bullsh*t surrounding the job because I really like to think that what I do affects change. That's me, I like to cast myself as a change-agent and the day I'm unable to do that for a living is the day I'm done. It seems as if each day presents a new challenge to the joy I find in my work and trust me, some days are harder than others, but I know in the end I persevere.

I don't think I'm a lifer or anything of that sort, but I'll know when it's time to transition and when that time comes, I'll do it happily. In the meantime, I'm gonna smile when it seems like I shouldn't, give folks hell if they interrupt my stay in heaven on Earth and I'll keep trying to inspire change in one or two young adults. I know everyone can't subscribe to this philosophy, but keep in mind, your mortgage/rent is due tomorrow!

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