At Least God and the Sun Loves Us

The headline said enough, "15-year-old Sells 7-year-old Sister for Sex", my stomach said the rest and my heart told the story. In what has to be among the most disturbing stories I've ever a heard, a 15-year-old girl prostituted herself at a party, then preceded to hand her 7-year-old step-sister a wad of money and told her to "let the boys do what they wanted to do". I don't know in what universe any of this makes sense, but I definitely don't ever want to pass through it, even though it only happened a block and a half from the place I call home.

First, the 15-year-old prostituting herself is disconcerting enough, but what has she been through in her life that it was ok in her mind to subject her innocent sibling to the same type of vilification? What type of men (or boys) find pleasure in sex with a prepubescent girl? How sick are they to even participate in the action and threaten the life of the little girl if she screamed or told anyone? All parties present should be condemned to the worst part of hell. Finally, imagine the trauma ahead for that innocent little girl? We all can pray and then pray some more in hopes that she's able to move forward and find some sort of happiness with the vilest of memories in her head.

The parents say the 15-year-old ran away and took her sister with her; they had already called the cops who were at the house when two women found the little girl crying and walked her home. You almost hate to question their parenting at a time like this, but you can't help but wonder what the family unit is like, for something like this to unfold. The story will fade to the back of the papers in the coming weeks, but will never be erased from the memories of everyone involved. So when I watch the news and read the paper in the morning and learn just how far people pushed the envelope further than the day before, I remember, at least God and the Sun loves us.

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