I’m Not Scared of Liars & Tiger & Bears

Turn to ESPN right now there's an exclusive interview with Tiger Woods on. Missed it? Just wait, it'll be on again shortly, they are running it every 20 minutes! Talk about overkill? I am tired of Tiger, I was never a fan, but I'm closing in on despising this cat. If I hear him talk about being a Buddhist one mo' gin or hear him answer questions by saying "that too is private" I'm gonna take a golf club to his head!

This is the story that is never gonna go away and as we get closer to The Masters, his return to the links, it's only going to be magnified a million times over and if he wins, it'll be the biggest story since Barack Obama was elected. Wait, it's already the biggest story since Obama was elected! The part of the interview that tickles me is when Tom Rinaldi bluntly asks Tiger, "Why did you get married?" the question I've been wanting to ask since I found out he wifed the nanny up. Tiger's response, "Because I loved her. I loved Elin with everything I have".

Anyone notice he's speaking in the past tense? I'm not saying he realized somewhere along the road that he turned a bust-it baby in a half a billion dollar baby mama, but I think he realized he made a mistake. I would've asked that question totally different, I would've asked something like this, "Nigga, was you out your damn mind, what were you thinking by marrying a scrub with a quarter of your doe money? Was Phil Mickelson's nanny Black?" Another few months of Tiger talk to come, yet that rapist Ben Rothlisberger is at a kegger right now, young White women beware!

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