A Place in the Sun

I'm sitting outside squarely in the path of the sun, its light so intense, it seems as if it's shining nowhere else but my face. I haven't seen a Sun so bright in a long time, yet a steady breeze keeps the balance needed for me to truly enjoy the day, and actually admire the sunlight. This is rare for me, because my eyes are notoriously sensitive to the sunlight, yet I refuse to wear sunglasses. So in some sort of masochistic fashion, I subject myself to the discomfort by wearing nothing more than a scowl, punishment for not appreciating the radiant beauty.

Through my pained expression I watch the busyness of the street below; the ebb and flow of the cars, the cyclists crisscrossing a path, the light rail's steady crawl, planes storming by overhead and the pedestrian travel of walkers, no doubt enjoying the beautiful weather as well. However, something is different about my observation today, I'm not concerned with where anyone is going, what they're thinking or anything else for that matter, I'm simply enjoying my place in the Sun.

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