I’m Disappointed in America: The Airlines

I know it's a recession, but the way the airlines are acting, we're in the midst of The Great Depression! I've gotten used to the cavity searches. Hell, I've grown accustomed to the speed bump effect of showing my ID and boarding pass. I've even reluctantly accepted the rising costs of the flights, but I refuse to accept the fact that the recession, 9/11, the weak dollar, whatever you want to blame it on has made it necessary for me to pay $25 for my luggage! All of sudden my bags are taking up so much space, that I need to pay for you to mishandle, borrow a pair of my shoes and possibly lose it?

That's all pre-flight stuff; the extortion gets worse once you're onboard. Sure, you can get a free soda, but you have to max out your debit card for everything else. Before they give out the sodas, an announcement is made saying that you can purchase a Turkey and cheese on ciabatta for $7.25. A turkey and cheese on ciabatta for $7.25?!? I just passed Burger King, Cinnabon and Pizza Hut and you want to serve me a dry ass sandwich for $7.25? I don't even eat peanuts, but what happened to the free peanuts?

Here's one cutback I don't understand, I flew across the country yesterday without the viewing pleasure of a movie, is that too expensive too? I can help you guys out there, I'm gonna shoot down to Passaic St. and holla at Black tomorrow and get yall all the new movies, studio-quality, free of charge! I'm just doing my part as President Obama will say. One more thing, don't get cold or feel the need to get comfortable, blankets and pillows, $13.50!

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