Oh, the Madness!

If you're anything like me, you were glued to CBS over the weekend watching the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament, watching the 64-team field be reduced to the "Sweet Sixteen". If you're really like me, you watched and cringed as favorites went down and the magic you thought you saw in that Cinderella team you picked couldn't conjure up a victory and your bracket was destroyed. If you're just like me, you sat at your desk Thursday and Friday watching every first round game on NCAA.com and totally ignored anything happening around you at work or in the world (somewhat).

This past weekend was a basketball fan's dream or nightmare depending on where your allegiance and money lies. The drama was definitely on the court all across America as upsets were abound from #1 overall seed and the Presidential favorite Kansas Jayhawks were knocked off by Northern Iowa on Saturday afternoon. Black America's favorite team the Georgetown Hoyas took an L Thursday to Ohio and other top-ranked teams such as Villanova, Pittsburgh, New Mexico and Wisconsin all made it back to campus in time to finish Spring Break.

The Big East, which has widely been considered the best conference in the land all season, sent eight teams to the dance this year, but only Syracuse (my champion selection) and West Virginia are left standing after the first weekend. I can't wait to see what madness ensures next weekend as we go from the "Sweet Sixteen" to the "Elite Eight" and wrap up Sunday knowing who'll be in the Final Four. If this year's tournament proves anything, it's that the experts are no experts! In the words of Herm Edwards, you play to win the game…hello!

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