We Wear the Mask

Your favorite crackhead rehabilitated diva Whitney Houston has emerged to save herself from an "In Search of…" post by speaking out about the current state of music and artists within the industry. In a promotional interview ahead of her "Nothing but Love" world tour, Whitney must have just stepped away from a cipher when she criticized some of today's artists for being "characters" and "dark". Actually, the quote is:

"Music doesn't change, people change the music; they become characters instead of really displaying their gifts," she said. "If you look behind a lot of the people that are out there that are wearing these, you know, weird clothing–I'm not talking about anyone in particular, I've just seen for myself–there are some extremely gifted and talented young women and young men out there who don't have to put on Halloween costumes, just be themselves. A little extravagance, a little flair, a little sexiness or a sultriness is cool, but some of them are very dark…."

How soon do we forget, Whitney herself was a character molded by music biz svengali Clive Davis. He took this teenage dynamo out of East Orange/Newark, New Jersey and remodeled her for the pop charts despite the obvious soul in her voice and the MTV-ignored melanin in her skin; she crossed over and never looked back. She quickly became the most successful female artist ever, a media darling, and even starred in a couple of bad movies. Funny what crack, Bobby Brown and Reality TV can prove! We saw Whitney's ghetto ass for a season on "Being Bobby Brown" and for years in the tabloids, on the news and her weird television appearances.

So, a divorce, rehab, a triumphant (to you) comeback and she's ready to criticize folks for doing them. Maybe Lady Gaga and Rihanna are over the top at times, but maybe their onstage persona is actually akin to their personalities and they're not perpetrating a fraud like when your non-dancing ass was singing "I Wanna Dance with Somebody"! The one thing about masks Ms. Houston is when you take them off once, we see who you are, putting it back on does not fool us again.

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