I’m Disappointed in America: What Chilli Wants (Again)

So, not only did Chilli waste the time of viewers because she seemed totally reluctant to change and not over Usher, but her decision came down to two White boys? She had this long ass checklist and I bet no one watching thought that she even had a White guy in mind, especially when she said she needed someone that…didn't eat pork ;)

From what I saw, she cried and pouted her way pass the Brother's she went out with and her matchmaker was frustrated with her spoiled attitude, before she finally settled on Bill I gave up on trying to understand when I found out she had the show and now I'm a bit ticked off at the entire situation. I don't have anything against White guys, except, White guys with Black women, but I guess Steve Harvey and Hill Harper told us that she couldn't find a good Black man right? I can smell a second season....

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