3 Second Violation

There are more than a few relationships on the rocks today and by 3:30, a few more may be headed towards Splitsville, U.S.A., because the NBA Playoffs are in full swing! There's a large population of you ladies that just don't understand what the months of April through June mean for the fellas and a few of you fellas that don't get that your lady is really interested in watching the games. This could be really make or break time for a relationship, especially on a day like today. You know she's expecting to you to go have dinner with her mom, your mom and her friends with kids, but you want to be positioned in front of your flat at 3:30 to watch Cleveland and Boston get it on. Decisions, decisions. Ladies please believe that it's nothing against your mom and though he probably doesn't like her anyway, he really wants to watch game 4! C'mon, who scheduled Mother's Day during the playoffs anyway?

I know some of you are saying didn't we just have March Madness? Yup! That was the young boys and now the grown men must fight for their championship, doesn't Macy's have more multiple one-day sales? Some of you may want to sit in and watch the game with your man and learn the rules of the game and the laws of watching, like no talking until halftime, we are not turning to "American Idol", yes I have to watch the entire game…both of them and no, we cannot watch "Basketball Wives" after the game!

Your man wants you to watch the game with him, but he wants to watch with you in peace, so give him that. But if you can't understand the importance of him watching these games start to finish every night, don't be upset when he can't understand the importance of you wanting to have the same damn conversation start to finish, every night!

Single ladies, bone up on your sports knowledge, it's a plus. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about here. I love a woman that I can talk about world news and sociological issues with, but someone that I can kick it with during the playoffs (regardless of if she hates Kobe or not) is marriage material! So, don't be mad if your man lets out an "In your face!" while someone is blessing the food today, you probably should've just let him stay home to watch the game then come over afterwards. But yall gotta be the boss of him…

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