Tales of the Tuesday Nothing: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Tuesday. Rain. Three hours of sleep. I left my wallet in El Segundo(home). Writer's block.

But Kobe & Co. handled their business last night and the Bronx Bombers went deep on Papelbon and the Red Sox for a walk-off win, so all is right in the world according to Teef. There's part of me that thinks I should be on the couch doing my usual Tuesday thing, watching the SVU marathon on USA, but I'm in my office staring at my monitor in an empty office for the first time since I've returned from surgery in February. Yesterday marked the end of the semester and aside from last-minute dealings with graduates, I have time to catch my breath and prepare for the summer, but I'm a little lonely in here without my babies. But, I'm pretty sure I'll get over it!

I participated in the 25th AIDS Walk New York Sunday and halfway through Central Park, I started wondering how Dr. Martin Luther the King Jr. and them marched on Washington, because among 45,000 people I felt like I was going nowhere fast. The area was so tight and tons of folks decided to bring their kids and even worse, dog, all of which contributed to ruining my leisurely Sunday stroll. You know a brother needs space to walk and trying to walk six miles with a shuffle step just wasn't kicking it, so I broke off near Harlem and proceeded to walk the streets of NY.

Last week, President Obama nominated Elena Kagen to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and as usual Black "leaders" are up in arms because he didn't choose to nominate a Black person, in this case, a Black woman. This shit is starting to get old, I'm as Black as anyone, but Barack Obama cannot be Affirmative Action by his lonesome. I supposed there's a de facto law saying that he must appoint Negroes to each opening that arises during his term, ignoring a balance or the qualifications of others, get it together people. While we're at it, why doesn't he just give us those 40 acres and mule!

Here's my dating tip for the summer: Fellas, free is the word! Check out summerstage.org for a list of outdoor concerts happening around NYC. This summer in Central Park you can catch Raphael Saddiq, Public Enemy, Chrisette Michelle, The Clark Sisters, Mario and Gil Scott-Heron. If you're willing to travel to Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, the Bronx or Staten Island, there's Doug E. Fresh, Tye Tribbbet, Kool Herc, Brand Nubian, The Charlie Parker Music Festival, Ryan Leslie, The Main Ingredient, Smokey Norful, EPMD, Jay Electronica, Hezikiah Walker, Nice & Smooth, The Force M.D.'s, Lisa Lisa and Blue Magic. Plenty of options…

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