In Search Of…The Soulful Trey Songz

Listen to the radio for an hour and you're guaranteed to hear Trey Songz three or four times, watch videos for an hour and you'll see the same video, twice. The boy is everywhere! However, I'm not really sure if he should be, because the music is really befitting of the adulation. But you can't tell the legions of young women and you cougars that have fallen in love with the young boy. The repetitive nature of today's music scene has made "Invented Sex and "Neighbors Know My Name" hits and in the process overblown the legend of Trey Songz. I know a few of you ladies are calling me a hater right now, but hear me out.

I was watching VH1 Soul last night and saw two Trey Songz video consecutively. They just so happened to be his first two singles, "Just Gotta Make It" and "Gotta Go", two soulful songs, deep in passion, emotion and terrific displays of his vocal talent. I turned back an hour later and "Neighbors Know My Name" was on, all I could do was think, damn, money makes a difference. It seems as if Mr. Songz has sold his soul to sell records, but selling an image that I can't believe. The little dude is trying too hard to make us believe he's so cool and so sexy, but I remember when he was so soulful. But what do I now, I'm just a customer and a hater to some, but if you couldn't feel him them, how do you feel him so much now?

Damn…who stole the soul?

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