The Best Part of Your Waking Up

Five hours of sleep in a three day span and I wake up to skies so gray, really need some sunshine to look my way. My insomnia was in overdrive this weekend, but I was able to get a few things done yesterday, but it really didn't help to slow me into a stupor. So, I spent my weekend sitting in the crib dreaming about Lear jets and coupes, the way Salt shoops and how much weed is smoked by Snoop (oops), when I was interrupted by what sounded like a doorbell. My aunt has a habit of texting and/or e-mailing me while she takes her walk in the morning…at 5am! It doesn't bother me though, I'm usually up and she's usually looking out for me, I love her.
So we're back to Monday and it seems like so much is going on, so I figured I'll run through a few of the latest goings on…

The First 48…The Last Seconds of a Child's Life

The city of Detroit and people across the country are still mourning the death of Aiyana Stanley-Jones, a 7-year-old accidently murdered by Detroit police as they raided a home where she slept in pursuit of a murder suspect. The police tossed a flash grenade and then intruded with guns drawn and a gun accidently discharged and killed the sleeping child. To make things even worse, A&E was filming the raid for their TV show, "The First 48", so the aggressiveness of the police is now in question.

No Use Crying Over a Little Spilled Oil

BP is taking its sweet time in formulating a plan that works to stop the hemorrhaging of an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, further affecting a region that's still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina nearly five years ago and gas prices creep higher across the country. Did I mention it's been a month since an oil rig exploded and the spill began?

I Can't Live Without Your Love

I've heard of elderly couples dying within months or a couple years after their lifelong partners have passed, but Brittany Murphy's widower was found dead in their Los Angeles home. The coroner's office preliminary report claims natural causes, everybody in LA dies of natural causes, I guess they grow their cocaine is truly organic.

Lick a Shot

Members of the Jamaican Shower Posse warned authorities months ago that if they tried to extract and extradite Christopher Coke, they would have a war on their hands. Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding actually debated extraditing the alleged kingpin because of ties the Shower Posse have had with politics dating back to the 70's, but decided last week to allow him to be tried in the United States, an action which prompted local merchants to shut down business like a showdown was coming in the Old West. It didn't take Miss Cleo to see that it was gonna go down sooner or later and the state of emergency declared yesterday proved their intuition true, as police stations were bombed and portions of the city blockaded and fortified as a bad situation got worse.

Love Don't Cost a Thing…

Except $750 million! That's what Elin Woods is reportedly asking for in her divorce from Tiger Woods. This nondescript white woman (I wouldn't know her if I was next to her at the doctor's office and they called her name) is going to continue to live off Tiger for the rest of her days (we can shorten those days Tiger…). Maybe I'm wrong, but Tiger's been putting in work for nearly 15 years, winning tournaments, racking up endorsements and being the good Negro correct? He turned the nanny into a housewife, became a man-whore and she wants $750 million? I got the game all wrong, I would put up with my disdain for Oprah Winfrey if I could drop a baby or two in her, say she cheated on me with Gayle and walk away rich beyond my wildest dreams! Get at me Tiger, I know some people that know some people.

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