Settle for My Love

A few weeks ago someone asked why was I single when the number of single women to men was 3 to 1? I paused, thought that was the most redundant question I've ever been asked and decided to humor myself by answering, "I'm waiting for Ms. Right." That's not as much of a joke as it once was, but the real answer is just because the numbers are staggering, doesn't make me run out and jump at every woman I see (regardless of what some people think). The numbers have become so skewed because of a number of factors: birth rates, bad parenting, bad weaves and bad baby mothers/fathers are a few that pop into my mind immediately.

The revolving door nature of relationships is ramping up because people are going into relationships for the wrong reasons; it seems that more folks than ever are simply settling to be somebody's somebody. I'm just a spectator, but it seems people are getting involved in relationships out of desperation, loneliness or convenience, and at times all three. I suppose some just can't handle the single life (I love it), but enough of your boys being happy or if you're home watching the Lifetime Movie Network while you're girls are falling in love and I guess you'll do some strange things.

For instance, a female friend that's been working two jobs since I've known her, purchased a home and whipped herself into shape to get into a relationship with the 35-year-old Blood member that's been hustling backwards since the early 90's? Where does that make sense? I must admit that I'm disappointed in you, because I thought you wanted so much more for yourself, but I suppose loneliness, statistics and the status quo have reared their ugly heads, and forced you to compromise. Now you've deleted your Facebook page and changed your number because one of his baby mamas mistook your wall for a message board. You dig low enough for a man, hoodrats will emerge!

When we lessen our women, our condition seems to worsen
Common "Real People"

My man, because you couldn't get your dream girl, you settled for the reality TV version? Don't tell me you believed the hype and went for the first woman to look your way? You traded in your vision of perfection for a flawed facsimile because of a bruised ego and now you're ready to blame the world for your impending unhappiness. How about you grow a pair, remove yourself from the situation and find someone more suitable for you?

Call me what you want, but you'll never call me a fool or Captain Saveahoe! I understand potential and the blindness of love and all of that nonsense yall watch in those chick flicks, but this is my life and I refuse to date down. There's a criteria that I keep in the back of my mind and if a woman doesn't meet that criterion, there's no compromising, I keep it moving. I'll be 32 in a little over two months, what the hell do I look like dating the girl that works at Metro PCS?

If you haven't noticed, I have a pretty high opinion of myself, so the people in my life definitely complement the feng shui. So the woman you'll see me with will have a lovely face and nice, thick thighs, but most importantly will have drive that matches my drive. She'll also match wits with me, meet and exceed my energy and we'll work in synergy towards the goals that we've outlined individually and set as a pair. That doesn't work too well if the money saved for the wedding is being dipped in for lace fronts and bail money!

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