I’m Disappointed in America: Beyonce

If you know me, you're probably in a bit of shock right now, because you know how I feel about Beyonce. However, after this last video "Why Don't You Love Me" and that Lady Gaga debacle before it, I'm on the verge of burning my fan club membership card! She's been shedding more and more of her clothes in the last few years and losing more and more of her soul in the process. Somewhere in her transition from superstar to megastar, less clothes and more pop music seemed to equal the secret to success, but I'm still stuck on songs like "Me, Myself & I" and "Dangerously in Love 2" from her first album, passionate performances rooted in soul.

I know, I'm resistant to change, but can you blame me? When was the last time you listened to a Beyonce song and say that girl sang that song? Was it "Irreplaceable" or "Listen", those songs were three or four years ago! Yeah, I'm disappointed in my boo boo, but she can make it up to me on this next album or she can take some time off to have a baby or two. Either ways, shed that pop music BS and the collaborations with Gaga and Shakira and make an album just for me. A man can dream right?

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