Memoirs of an Insomniac: Come & Rest Your Bones with Me

I know what I told you last time, but that didn’t work, at all. Instead, I had another sleepless night with more on my mind than before and the temptation of thunderstorms more appealing than ever, because I just want to sleep. It’s a double-edged sword, because if the rain comes down and I’m able to sleep, there’s always the possibility that tonight will simply be a rerun of the night before. I just went through Saturday like I never knew it existed and I’m looking at one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in years with a little less than four hours of sleep in the last three days, which is not my idea of fun.

Insomnia wouldn’t be so bad if I was always able to find something productive to spend my time doing like the first few hours last night, it’s a killer when I’m pacing around my place feeling trapped by the walls, thinking about everything outside of them. Those hours get me nowhere fast and make the prospect of falling asleep nearly impossible to do, so the next thing you know, I’m watching Three the Hard Way at 4am and writing another entry in the ever-growing diary of an insomniac.

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