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Cuz I can't do nuthin for ya man!

I must admit, I've tagged along on the bandwagon of the disintegrating Black family over the last few months and have written quite a few posts about the issue from all angles, but I don't have a solution. The truth is, neither does Steve Harvey, Sherri Shepherd, Essence Magazine nor your preacher, because the answer lies within you. The plight of single Black women has gone from Nightline to Barnes & Noble, to your hairdresser and not one of your friends has even been on a date in the interim, but everyone is getting paid off the discussion but me!

The truth is we've entered an advanced stage of propaganda and it's all being blown way out of proportion. Look around you, most of your friends are married, engaged or involved. If not, you need to separate yourself from that man repellant you kick it with and get yourself some friends that actually like men. I've been called a lot of things based on my column over at Eurweb and some of the things I write here, but the last thing anyone could say about me is that I'm a fool. Much of what I write may seem like it's coming off the top of my head, but the truth is that it's usually rooted in some sort of research or fact-based reasoning. So, if I tell you there's a man out there for you even if you can't cook, have two kids by three men and a dead end job, trust me, there's a fool man for you. If you mess it up, that's on you.

Now for all of you single ladies that think you have it all together, but have a bookshelf full of self-help books and your flavor of the month celebrity dating guide in your purse, you're doomed! You have to first understand those cats have a completely different existence than you and have the luxury of multi-figure deals to feed their lifestyle and will find someone, if not for love, for a tax write-off. When these people connect with a ghostwriter, be clear that they are so far removed from that barstool you sit every Thursday night deflecting advances from Niggas smelling like Hennessey and fried chicken that you couldn't apply half of what they say.

My point is, each of us have to figure it out for ourselves, all the books and blogs, girlfriends and horoscopes can't prepare you for what your heart has to do battle with. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you have to develop a set of standards for the man or woman you want to attract, and then make sure that your ish is in tact. I'm tired of hearing folks whining about what they don't have or what they're stuck with, when the reality is you got what you deserve. I'm tired of getting cussed out via text message for something that may or may not have been about someone, recognize that they choices we've made over the course of our lives have put us in the positions we find ourselves at 8:12am on May 12, 2010 and I'm damn proud of where I've come to where I am.

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