I’m Disappointed in America: Dancing with the Stars

Nicole Scherzinger won Dancing with the Stars. That's not why I'm disappointed, I didn't watch 15 seconds of the season, but I'm disappointed that people are still watching. This show should've been a novelty at best, but instead has become a phenomenon and is dragging on much like American Idol giving birth to bastard offspring and I'm forced to suffer through my channel guide when I'm trying to find something to watch.

Are you so not entertained that you need to see wannabe and has-been pseudo celebrities learn to waltz? If you want to see people dance, turn to BET, scratch that, take your ass out dancing! How big of a stretch is it to have thought Nicole would win the show, she gets paid to sing and dance for crying out loudI I mean, I can boogie, so it can't be out of the realm of imagination to believe that I can get my hips together to tango or my footwork right for a quick step. I just don't understand, but you can fill the new Giants Stadium for the Super Bowl in 2014 with what I don't understand these days…

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