Who Stole the Soul: We Need a Revolution

The calendar's arrival at June 1st means that we've made it to another Black Music Month and all forms of media will be commemorating it with television specials, articles, music tributes, blocks of classic soul videos, concerts, etc. But after hearing Ne-Yo's new single "Beautiful Monster" and subsequently listening to the radio for 45 minutes, I'm confused about the state of Black music (apparently BET is too by nominating Justin Beiber for a BET Award) and asking myself (and now you), who stole the soul?

Later this month we'll celebrate the one year passing of Michael Jackson, who is largely responsible for the soulless music we're hearing these days (don't get it twisted, I loved the man too). Everyone who picks up a microphone these days is aiming for the ghost of Thriller and the iconic status "The King of Pop" achieved. Michael Jackson was a once in a lifetime talent, whose career trajectory was extraordinary and unique, as were the consequences he suffered due to his fame. What he gained in wealth, popularity and stature was at a cost not many will be willing to pay, his soul, literally and figuratively, which is partially why his sound didn't translate to the times as he got older and we became lost in the sideshow of his life and weren't really checking for album release dates.

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