I’m Disappointed in America: The Ultimate Merger

Omarosa's back! Seriously…again. How this woman lands on show after show is beyond me, but she's done it again with the man who helped to make her infamous when she participated on his show "The Apprentice", Donald Trump. Somehow someone convinced The Donald that it was a great idea for an Omarosa dating show, TVOne was foolish enough to air it and 12 corny men are desperate enough to try to win her affections. The showed aired three consecutive times giving those who really wanted to check it out an opportunity to piece it together while watching the game, rearranging the Tupperware, painting their nails or whatever and I'll admit, I snuck a few peeks and it sucked!

Oh yeah, Al B. Sure is one of the bachelors trying to win her heart. Yes, that Al B. Sure! I have no idea what he's doing on the show, they say they've known each other a while and dated in the past, but dude for real? You're Al B. Sure, I know there's still a few groupies from '88 that you can hook up with. Omarosa has made a career out of being a bitch on various reality shows and during interviews, I'm pretty sure it's a character, but is this the woman fellas are looking for? While the brothers seem successful, driven cats, they are also some of the biggest herbs I've ever seen and like true reality dating show fashion, they'll create drama, proclaim their love, look like fools and ultimately someone will merge with her for the finale and then fade into reality star memory. It seems as if these cats are looking for a lifetime of love or 15 minutes of fame, either way, we shouldn't be watching this.

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