The Insomniac's Diary: A Hump Day Hangover

I've decided that I need to see more Nona Gaye. That's what happens when you're up at 3am watching Ali. That woman is fine! Somehow I went from being dead tired when I walked into my place at nearly 8pm to staying up until 3:30am writing, watching movies and trying to listen to Drake's album (review coming soon). Maybe I was riding the high of the Lakers' win, maybe it was the high provided by Ciroc Red Berry, more than likely it was the fact that I was banging away at the keyboard.

As is par for the course, random thoughts dotted my movie watching, here were a few:
  • How can only 11,569 people get out to vote for the first new mayor in 20 years?
  • Congratulations Tony Mack, but did they really have to shut down a block because your 300 paid staffers weren't paid?
  • Where is Billy Dee Williams?
  • Is Oprah really giving Jenny McCarthy a show? I always knew she hated Black men, but it seems like she hates Black women too, because she doesn't seem to help either with a platform for new ideas.
  • The Karate Kid made $56 million in the box office over the weekend, does that mean that I should see it?
  • Why do I need ID to get ID? If I had ID, I wouldn't need ID! Shoutout to Mos Def!
  • Am I the only person who likes to watch "Wipeout" on ABC?
  • Damn I really want a steak and baked potato!
  • Has anyone you know ever called Jacoby & Myers?
  • Who said it was cool for folks to roll in those Hoverounds like they were vehicles?
  • Shouldn't those folks need a license?
  • Do you cringe when Magic Johnson opens his mouth?
  • I miss my rabbit :(
  • Helloooooooooooooo, is this thing on?!?

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