Summer Read: Helena Andrews "Bitch is the New Black"

The title may make some of you cringe, but read this review and see if it's something that you may want to put on your bookshelf.

Being a bitch or labeled as one is something that often – whether rightly or wrongly – sticks. Meaning, if you self-appoint yourself queen bitch supreme out of confidence or someone else gives you the title out of malice it may become the only prism some will be able to view you.

Before I met author Helena Andrews or read her first book “Bitch Is the New Black,” I’d read criticism from individuals who thought she was a bitch in the pejorative sense. A profile on herself and the book had already run in The Washington Post and while some enjoyed it, many others loathed what they thought Andrews represented.

Critics argued there was nothing celebratory or novel about a black woman being a “bitch” and unceremoniously lumped her into the common stereotype of the “lonely, successful, single black woman” who was single because of her own failings.
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