Any Given Sunday

Sunday by design was made for rest; however, in practice it has become a day to cram many of the things the hustle and bustle of your week didn't allow time for. You know, like the laundry, cleaning the bathroom, shopping or even date night with your new boo boo. If you're like is anything like mine, Sunday is a welcomed sight, because it signals the end of a long week and the chance to recharge for the next six days. In weeks past, Sunday has continued with the activity of the previous days or found me trying to catch up on what I've been unable to fit into my week, because Thursday and Friday got away from me.

Not today! Today is one of those days when not having children or the obligation of celebrating Father's Day with my dad is special, because I'm able to shut out the rest of the world, load my DVD player with movie after movie, grab a good book or two and crash on the couch. My body has its own special way of telling me when to chill and yesterday it decided to speak up. I absolutely crashed at the most inopportune time and when I would ordinarily continue to push myself, I knew I had to shut it down for a day or two. Unfortunately due to the nature of my job, taking a vacation in the next two months is totally out of the question, but please believe that September and October will find me cutting loose and treating myself for all of my hard work and the stress I place myself under.

However, until I'm able to do just that, I'm gonna take mini-vacations on Sunday to give my body and more importantly, my mind a chance to rest recover. So I'll be watching baseball or movies and writing a little, but definitely trying to take it easy, so I'll be shutting down my cell phone, not answering the door, hell, I don't even want to cook. As a matter of fact, I need a volunteer to bring a brother Sunday dinner for the next 12 weeks, can someone do that for me? Who knows, I may even make it to church a few of those Sundays…

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