I'm Disappointed in America: You're Cut Off!

VH1 has done it again, managing to sink lower as each new cycle of programming begins. This time, "You're Cut Off!" is the offender, and boy is it bad! The show features nine spoiled rich girls whose parents or significant others have threatened to cut the purse strings if they don't learn fiscal responsibility and develop an overall appreciation for life. Judging by the looks of some of these women, the benefactors are more than a few years late in trying to teach these life lessons.

VH1 has managed to find the most pompous, ignorant and delusional women walking the face of the earth or some very bad actresses. The show is all wrong, they dumped the women in a ranch house in LA with a life coach and meager accommodations. They should've dropped them off in South Central with a chick named Keisha that will proceed to slap any of them if they got out of line as she raised her kids by working, collecting public assistance and doing hair! Now that's an idea for next season, yall can have that VH1.

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