I’m Disappointed in America: Keith Sweat’s Platinum House

Question! When was the last time Keith Sweat made a hit song? Maybe I've missed something since LSG and that was how long ago? So why in the hell would TVOne send Dru Hill to him like he's some svengali that's got the magic touch needed to piece together their career? "Keith Sweat's Platinum House" premiered last night and I asked myself why the entire half hour. The show started with a 2008 clip of Dru Hill on a Baltimore radio show announcing they've reunited, only for Woody to announce that he's stepping off (again) to follow his religious calling. Hilarity ensured next as Sisqo thorough a hissy fit before Nokio and Woody had a little scrum.

That was two years ago and Dru Hill is more irrelevant now, than they were then. It's been more than five years since their last album and damn near 10 since they've made anything that we cared about, but I'll admit that I am a little bit intrigued, I've always been a reluctant Dru Hill fan. However, this Reality TV marriage seems arranged and awkward to me, the chemistry is off with the group and Keith Sweat just doesn't make hits…in the last two or three decades. But they'll be plenty of drama, manufactured and pre-existing, and hopefully some good music will come from it. If not, we'll always have the Sisqo bitch fits to look forward to…

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