What Were You Thinking: Rep. Anthony Weiner

Is Brooklyn in the house?!?
Really dude? You tweet a picture of man man? You gotta learn how to work your phone before you start doing things like that? I get it though, you got a little tender roni and she’s showing you her goods and you want to reciprocate the deed…but you end up between a scandal and your wife. You’ve been telling your wife since you hit “send” that it’s not cheating, but you and I know what’s going on!

What trips me out is not the denials or even the fact that he did it, it’s funny as hell that dude after his admission says he’s not stepping down, like this isn’t enough to get him out of office. I don’t know what it is about politicians in New York, but they are some freaks! The worst part of it all is that homegirl has catalogued all of their communication, pictures, Facebook messages and went to ABC with it all…for what? You knew who dude was and now you want to tell? Trifling skeezer! But Mr. Weiner, you really tweeted your weiner? My last name Is Farmer, but you don’t see me running to be around any hoes…pun intended!

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