The Evolution of the Skeezer

Ectasy and Jalil said the freaks come out at night, but you and I both know they’re all over the streets, highways, bars, clubs and everywhere in between. The question is how do they seem to be everywhere you go? A simple answer, with a simple question, the designated Skeezermobile of the era. Don’t act like yall don’t know what I’m talking about, you know that car that seems to be everywhere and the chick in the driver’s seat and riding shogun are always a phone call away from somebody’s man.
The summer months illicit thoughts of skeezers, chickenheads, hoodrats, jump-offs, or whatever you want to call them. So I wanted to take some time to acknowledge the chicks you ignore in public!  

I’m just having fun, but let’s take it back to ’87!

The Hyuandai Excel – This car was made for the chick with bad credit and low expectations in a ride. She just needed to get where she was going, didn’t even matter if it was safely, as long as she got to the guy that was waiting for her.

Dodge/Plymouth Neon - These things hit the hood like crack did in 1985! For a 20.5% interest rate, your ex-best friend was riding semi-clean, going from club to booty call, until it broke down.

Nissan Sentra – There have been many Sentras, but this one particular joint was ideal for the new millennium. The hunched back look gave it enough backseat space for backseat action and made it seem aerodynamic when a quick getaway was needed when His main chick pulled up to the crib.

Kia Sephia – Kia saw it’s chance to corner the market with a car under $10,000 if you’re credit was decent, other than that, you had to take a short on your weave and nearly pay double. But Kia dropped some flavorful colors for the hoodrats.

Ford Focus – Not to be outdone, Ford made sure that American-made hoes, drove American-made cars. Now a new generation of skeezers are driving off the lot and to your man’s crib.

Also beware of those in pre-owned BMW's, they try to sneak up on you because they're making a little more money, but they're just older, better dressed skeezers in nicer shoes!

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