#5 (tie) Luther Vandross - "If This World Were Mine" (w/Cheryl Lynn) & " A House is Not a Home"

How could I choose between two of the best vocal performances ever? They were both cover songs, but completely reworked to make classics, timeless. He took songs that were close to twenty years old and gave them a new life, life that nearly 30 years later, sound better than ever. On “If This World Were Mine”, Cheryl Lynn joined him for the duet and duels excellently with him. It is such a big song, with big voices; they make you fall in love with anyone in the room with you while listening.
Luther’s version of “A House is Not a Home” is absolutely flawless. Dionne Warwick sang a pretty good version of it, but he made it the most beautifully song ever. Luther arranged the song in a way that allows him the space to show the full range of his voice, setting himself apart from just about anyone ever to step to a microphone. To see hear him perform a live version of this song is to get a glimpse of Heaven…

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