#7 Lauryn Hill - "Ex-Factor"

Think what you want about Lauryn Hill now; you were under her spell in 1998, thinking that “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” was the best album you’ve heard in years. In fact, it was and “Ex-Factor” was the best of the songs compacted into that album. No exaggeration, I listened to this song for at least an hour, I was mesmerized.

I’d heard plenty of breakup songs before, but none had ever articulated the pain the way that Lauryn did. By the time she got the bridge, I died a thousand times. The greatest tragedy of reclusiveness over the past decade has been denying her public repeated performances of this song. However, when I saw her back in February, she performed two versions of it and I LOVE her for that.

Plus…how many of you knew what “reciprocity” was?

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