Who Needs to Go to Work to Hustle for Another Dollar?

I had one of those weekends that leave you smiling on Sunday evening, but angry at Monday morning for coming too soon. I guess I could always load up the DVD player, lie back down and try again tomorrow, but there's work to be done. So I'm up, moving slow, but I'm up. I had something I wanted to write about this morning, but I'll get back to that later, maybe during the rain that's supposed to start today and run through the next three days. I'm pretty sure I'm hoping against hope when I say that I hope the humidity stays down and the week is comfortable, because I'm tired of the heat we've been having.

Straight from the "What Were You Thinking?" files…
How high is Jamie Foxx getting these days? I always knew dude was a little off and when he got the tattoo on his head after Ray, I was convinced that he gets on. However, after his new run of tats on his head, I think it's time for Bobby Brown to have a sit down with him about his usage. Have you seen this Nigga?

Hey, I'm no stranger to the needle, but I have my limits and as someone whose body is part of his work (and is 40 plus), this is some new S! I guess there's gonna be plenty of wigs, hairpieces and makeup on the sets of upcoming films.

I have officially turned in my Musiq Soulchild fan card! I've seen dude a few times in concert and while I've never been overwhelmed by his voice, he reached an all-time low Saturday! I slid through Philly to check out the Heineken Inspire show featuring Musiq, Marsha Ambrosius and J. Cole, and DJ Jazzy Jeff and was thoroughly disappointed in Musiq. I left midway through his second song, because he sounded a mess! I've been a fan of dude since "Just Friends (Sunny), but Saturday marked the end of our relationship…gotta make sure I say pause for Riley Freeman!

Well I can't be too late the boss is so demanding, wait a minute, my director is on vacation until the middle of August…I'm going back to sleep!

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