I Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer

Somehow the gap between us has become a gulf
The once sacred is now irreparable
I stayed, you left
I grew, you changed
For better or worse, but I'm selfish
You were never supposed to leave me
You promised you'd never leave me
You're right, I'm wrong
You grew, I'm trying to change
I'm selfish, you're living
Loving, I'm hurt
I withhold tears, you laugh
I know life without you, I'm living life without you
What about her, what about me
You chose, I dealt
A part of me died when you left to live your life.
I know pain, I know lonely
My heart is destroyed, you're full of love
You've grown, I've grown
You don't know me and all I can do is remember you
But you left and I stayed
Waiting for you to return, you didn't
You kept moving, I walked slowly
Hoping you'd catch up, you ran past me
I've grown, you changed
I'm hurt, you're love
I know pain, I know alone
I know summer without you, I'm learning life without you