In Search Of...N'Bushe Wright

It seems like N’Bushe Wright has fallen off the face of the earth since Lil’ Kim was “trying to get the dead presidents like N’Bushe”. She had roles in Zebrahead and Fresh before she bust out of the dumpster guns blazing in Dead Presidents. Next, she had a part in the blockbuster Blade, but it was all downhill from there. 3 Strikes was the beginning of her ending and we’ve really only seen her in an appearance on “Chappelle’s Show”, so my question is, where is N’Bushe Wright?

She’s a talented actress, carried scenes well, related emotion, but something just didn’t translate to long-term success and someone needs to explain to me why. I know roles are far & few between for Black actresses, but damn, Tyler Perry couldn’t give a sister a call? Did she retire and I missed the press conference? Did she strike it big and marry an NBA player? Or maybe she was too dark, too natural, the beauty that Hollywood (most brothers too!) act is if doesn't exist? I need to know. If anyone knows how I can find N’Bushe, get at me!

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