I’m Disappointed in America: The Wide Receiver Edition

Something has to be done about the way the NFL markets and pay their players. There's no other way to explain why the wide receiver formerly known as Chad Johnson (now Chad Ochocinco) and the man formerly known as a wide receiver Terrell Owens are back-to-back on VH1's Sunday night. It has to be the quest for stardom, supplemental income, or could it just be the need to see your face on television. Over the last few years these guys have been shameless self-promoters with their on-field antics after touchdowns, "The T.O. Show", Chad's appearance on "Dancing with the Stars", Owens' countless run-ins with his quarterbacks and even Johnson legally changing his last name to Ochocino (the grammatically incorrect eighty-five in Spanish).

Black Exploitation Television Jr. decided it would be a great idea to help these divas raise their profiles by teaming them up on their Sunday night lineup (the Cincinnati Bengals didn't think it was a good on-field move) . First up is "Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch", this Nigga is in the prime of a successful career and he's doing a dating show? What part of the game is that? This is the move for an over the hill has-been or a never will be, not a 32-year-old Pro Bowler. I didn't watch the show, but from the description, he had 85 women pared down to 17 after a training camp and will now sift through that batch to find the ultimate catch. Nigga, you might as well have gone on Omarosa's show, go run a down and out or something!

Moving on to the unemployed one…I guess this season of "The T.O. Show" is going to chronicle Owens as he plays fireman and tries to put out the fires on all the bridges he's burned with his divalike attitude over the years. If you haven't noticed, there hasn't been much interest in T.O. since the NFL season ended and a few weeks from training camp, he still doesn't have a team. But, he does have a show on VH1, so he's a step up on the like of Brandon Marshall, Anquan Boldin and Bobby Engram, a few receivers that have changed teams while he's watched from the sidelines waiting for his cell to ring.

Maybe both players will get what they're looking for this summer, more limelight, a woman, a contract and to end up next to each other in the locker room comparing Neilsen ratings. One thing's for sure, they picked the wrong sport because I wouldn't have known the shows were on had I not gone channel surfing, but I've known every step LeBron James has made in the last two weeks…

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