Let that be the Reason!

"Girl, that's the reason I'm single now!"
All of you ladies have that friend and if you don't…you probably are that friend! You know, the woman that's incredibly bitter and can't wait for you to have a rough patch in your relationship or for the guy you're seeing to prove not to be Prince Charming. She's all ears, absorbing every aspect of your relationship looking for a way in, looking for an opening to make you seem just as hopeless as she is.

You can't blame her, she's sick; she's been afflicted with a disease that is infecting thousands of women yearly…Bitter Bitch Syndrome! Bitter Bitch Syndrome, or BBS as it's commonly known, is a rapidly spreading illness affecting women across the country as they stand still and the rest of the world moves on. Symptoms include nonstop hating, great taste in shoes, poor taste in men, subscription to "O" magazine, one too many drunken hookups and an expensive car note. She can be found at happy hour, watching Lifetime on a Friday night, in the cubicle next to you reading "Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man", Facebook and in your text message inbox while you're out with your man.

However, dates for her are few and far between because she consistently makes poor choices in the men she seeks and then blames all men for her lack of success in love. "Men ain't shit" because her superficiality has placed her in a string of similar situations with guys that have like attributes and similar features, but she's far too shallow to explore the depth of any man and would rather lay the cloak of blame on every man rather than delve into her own shortcomings. It's much easier to point the finger rather than to dissect yourself and in a country so obsessed with beauty, the ugly truth is unacceptable.

But that's where we are, we'd rather lie to ourselves than face the truth, sacrificing happiness for appearances and praying your fate onto the relationships on those around you. These women cannot claim total responsibility for their ailment, women talk too much! You have to know what friends can handle your happiness and which ones can't. You have to be aware of who gets the generic reply when asked, "How are things with so & so?" and who you can share details of your whirlwind romance with. You may be unknowingly contributing to her illness thinking that your happiness is the anecdote to the hate in her blood, not realizing that she's hating you more and more by the day and waiting for the reason to say to you, "I tried to tell you they are all the same. Girl, that's the reason I'm single now!"

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