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It's been a long week. A long, hot week that drove many to the brink of insanity and others into the comfort of air conditioned homes. Well, it's finally Friday and the weekend is set to offer relief to the mercury and the zombies who wandered through the heat wave this week. Let's just hope that the next few days allow folks to regain their senses and a select one or two people to leave me the hell alone. I know I've been on my nice guy thing lately, but it ain't nothing to tell my mom not to read for a day or two and address a few things and have a little fun at your expense.

For a week LeBron James dominated the sports news and made his way onto the lead of news broadcasts as well as he courted teams and deliberated over where he would take his other worldly talents. Last night via his "Decision" special, King James announced that he would be joining Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh on South Beach with the Miami Heat. At that point, I cursed the man and turned the TV, I was a bit disappointed that someone of his talent would shirk the responsibility of carrying a franchise and building a legacy. I say it's a sucka move! But I may be in the minority (as usual), but I was hoping that if he left Cleveland, he would go to a team that would build around him and he's carry them to a title. Instead he did the exact opposite, he joined to All-League players in an attempted short cut to a title, but short cuts don't always work. My money is still on LA for a three-peat!

Switching gears, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in prison for violating the terms of her probation for two 2007 DUI's in which she was drunk and high off coke. Her violation was failing to attend the court-ordered weekly alcohol education classes. She broke down in tears and I broke out a smile, I don't give a damn about Lindsay Lohan and can't tell you anything she's been in aside court and the tabloids. I hope she does the entire 90 days, but we know overcrowding conveniently comes into the equation when socialites have to do some time.

Mary J. Blige announced that she's gotten her GED and was accepted into Howard University. So, a GED and acceptance to Howard, Mary J. has been busy! I wonder if she took the time to take the SAT or ACT exam or were they waved because of her celebrity status. If so, I have a batch of students who should be exempt from standardized testing to be accepted into the storied HBCU. As usual, the internets are abuzz with rumors that Mary isn't keeping it real and allegedly reps from Howard are backing that claim up.
Only in Cali where we riot not rally
Folks in the city of Oakland hit the streets last night after former police officer Johannes Mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the subway shooting death of Oscar Grant, an unarmed Black man on January 1, 2009. The involuntary manslaughter conviction carries a maximum sentence of four years, no doubt the spark that caused nearly 1,000 people to protest last night and disturb the peace. Grant's mom, Wanda Johnson who had the relive the tragedy of losing her son cried outside the courtroom and repeated "My son was murdered!" undoubtedly upset that the jury did not convict the former cop of murder. Police squashed any form of unrest as they were out en masse in full riot gear, no doubt using their crowd control training from that little book that allows them to do as they damn well please in situations like these.

Omarosa is an ugly chick!

I'm not sure how it goes down where you are, but round here, these damn Hoverounds are the new Toyota Prius. Folks are rolling these things through town like they're saving the environment. Check homegirl out…

Forget about the damage she's doing on traffic that just can't be safe. But you can't tell anyone who uses them to get around that, but damn, guess the sidewalk is a bit too much to ask for.

I spent half of yesterday at the cardiologist getting a couple of test ran and I was by far the youngest person there. That's been the norm throughout this entire ordeal, as has the dirty looks the elderly folks give me while sitting in the waiting room, as if having a heart condition is exclusive to a certain age group. Bad enough they're getting all of the hot new housing developments and they get to save on gas by driving Hoverounds, they lock McDonald's down from 8am – 10:45am, now they want exclusivity on the doctor's office too?

There was this one Clarence Williams III looking cat that kept a mad dog stare fixed on me. I could feel him shooting rocks through the back cover of my book and was half a second off his ass when I was called back for the first part of my battery of tests.

Time to finish the week on a good note, possibly from the couch…

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