Edge of Night

I remember nights when I barely beat the sun home, now I'm routinely awake before the sun rises. Everyday I'm up around 5:40am, in darkness, staring at the ceiling for about 20 minutes until the son takes its place in the sky. It's at that moment that I start perusing the news and searching my mind for something to write that may mildly amuse, inform, enlighten, enrage or just poke fun at some people.

That's where it all starts, those idle thoughts as the cloak of darkness is illuminated by the exposing light and I'm in front of the keyboard searching my brain for the right words. I've gotten a few requests for topics and I'll be addressing those issues and others in the coming days, my mind is occupied with a few other issues that I'll need a few days to search through.

The weekend is finally here and the oppressive heat is said to be on its way back, just as I'm heading to NYC with a bus load of teenagers. Fun for me, sucks for me! On the positive side, New York provides me with an energy necessary to string thoughts into sentences and make those paragraphs. So, stay cool and I'll see you on the other side of the weekend. By the way…the birthday countdown has started!

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