A Day in My Life: A Dream Within a Dream

I begin each day by telling Sunshine "good morning" and then proceeding to get my thing together to get to work, because I can't be too late, the babies are so demanding. I'm out the door with a smile, more often than before, I guess I'm happier than I've been in a long time. I've told you that the Sun seems to be shining directly on me these days and I'm able to stare directly into its gaze without shades, squinting or looking away in embarrassment.

I can recall days wishing for rain to match my mood or remove the smiles of others, but those days are no more. Sunshine is abound within the world according to Teef, even when it takes its time to rest, it sends the stars to cover me until I say "goodnight" and begin my battle with sleep until my eyes are forced open to wait for the next sunrise. So this is the happiness that people have been telling me about all of these years? To think, I've found it too, despite not wanting it for so long.

I guess when it happens to you there's nothing you can do but absorb the rays of the Sun, thank God every day it shines your way and acknowledge its beauty and range each opportunity you get. I've given up searching for rhyme and reason; I'm not interested in another season, my jersey's in the rafters. I'm a different man than I was six months ago; I believe in magic again, I now dream in color and love the Sunshine.

Here I am sneaking to write this before you rise on your special day, trying to find 32 ways to show you just how special you are, July's Rose placed on a lion's chest. An odd coupling but it's amazing what each new day on the calendar brings, another day for the Sun to take its place in the sky and another opportunity for me to be better than the day before. I've come to understand evolution and the Sun's need to shine away from the place I call home, but you know my selfish behind will follow you to the moon in the sky above to stand in your shadow. I guess what I'm trying to say is, is, if my eyes could speak, they would tell you…

I would've noticed you out of the corner of my eye; I would've noticed you if I was born without sight
I would've noticed you had you been a candle, if not sunlight
There you were…and then you were
And I was left wondering how such magic occurs
And there you were…and here we are
It's funny how we revolve but we never lose track of the stars
I would've noticed you without a telescope…
Your smile is like Christmas morning
You took my heart without warning
More beauty than anyone I've ever known
More beautiful than anything cameras have ever shown
I never saw you coming…
Then you opened your heart and shared your poetry
And I opened my mind to share my world
Then I opened my eyes and saw you
I never noticed I was dreaming…

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