Tales of the Tuesday Nothing: Tears of the Sun

Rain, rain, go away, please come back another day. That's what we sang as children, but I actually welcome the rain today, hoping that it breaks the temperature a bit. It was hot and sticky on the way in to work today, but the thunder and lightning came soon after and now it's downright ugly outside.

The grass needed the rain, many of the lawns I ride past on my way in have gone El Debarge, and so a little water can't hurt. Plus, a day or two of rain gives folk a chance to recharge their batteries, cook some of the food in their freezer in comfort and keeps yours cousins off the porch! I would much rather be on my couch watching today's "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" marathon, but I'm in the office sneaking a few minutes to clear my mind while my reading group writes an essay.

The boss of all bosses had a massive heart attack and passed away this morning. George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees since 1973, the franchise won 7 World Series championships in 11 appearances through his reign as "The Boss" watched in his blue blazer and white turtles. Steinbrenner and his group paid $8.7 million for the franchise then, which is now estimated at being worth $1.5 billion. Talk about a come up…

Steinbrenner changed the game, becoming a hand-on, visible owner, that returned a franchise to greatness by putting some of the biggest names of the day on the field, sparing no cost, reinstituting the glory days in the 70's. He was notorious for run-ins with Billy Martin, openly criticized his star players, but became a celebrity and handled the franchise with class in his 37 years at the helm. One thing's been for sure with the latest incarnation of the Yankee dynasty; George was going to pay whatever it cost to put a winner on the field in New York City. He's been dedicated to the franchise since his youth and always did his best to make sure the Pinstripes were worn with pride.

He was preceded a few days in death by longtime Yankee public address announcer and friend Bob Sheppard, who died Sunday. In failing health for the last few years of his life, he made sporadic appearances at The Stadium, turned the franchise over to his sons, but laid the blueprint for the new millennium sports owner we've come to love and loathe.

Speaking of owners…Cleveland Cavaliers owner has come under fire from Jesse Jackson for his open letter to Cavs fans after LeBron James' departure and is also $100k short after NBA commissioner David Stern fined him for comments made in that letter. We haven't heard much from Jesse since he threatened to cut Barack's balls off, but he likened Gilbert's comments about LeBron to those of a slave owner, strong words, but he wasn't necessarily wrong. I understand Gilbert's hurt and anger, but his letter crossed many lines and many have already weighed in with their thoughts.

So, I'll move on to The Dream and Christiana Milian divorcing after ten months of marriage and five months of separations. I'm not a fan of The Dream and Milian is just wack, but in the interest of the hope of marriage and love, I was rooting for their marriage. But the "Love King" was spending a little too much time with his assistant and you know how that goes…damn shame!

Anyway, back to work for me, hope you're at least acting productive…

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